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You don’t need to ask when marketing became so much a personalised affair. It is when every innovative device created seemed to have an “I” prefixed strategically in the brand names such as the iPhones, iPad et cetera. The branding didn’t just win them over it actually had them hooked, their lives from then onwards revolved around their gadgets. But in essence marketing has taken a paradigm shift as the digital age takes prominence. The mass targeted marketing has been adopting new strategies such as the emerging OMNI channel marketing.

So what is OMNI channel marketing?
This kind of marketing is based on already existing marketing strategies such as multi channel and cross channel marketing. It is a pretty new strategy to promote your business by using OMNI channel marketing and retailing. Thus it can be distinguish from the other two by the fact that it involves a combination of marketing and a customer’s experience. The strategies are dependent on the use of various devices to achieve the goals of a successful marketing ploy, if that’s how to look at it. Consumers seem to have an edge on marketers and are significantly designing the strategies themselves. The marketer must be conscience of every action they take through their privatised public lives on social media and through their tech savvy gadgets.
The idea in this kind of marketing is to have a personalised approach in handling content among all the various platforms or mediums used, emphasising on the individual contact, rather than the mass distribution of information. There are a number of factors that will influence the success of the marketing strategies including effective team management strategies, careful analysis and concernedly individualistic content. The ultimate goal is not for the consumers to only feed on the content provided but to also take actions in improving the companies’ sales.

OMNI channel marketing should be focussed on the satisfaction of the consumer, in a sense the marketers should try to walk in the customer’s shoes. The messaging should be orchestrated to leave a lasting impression on the customers; not in the extraordinary kind of awe but in a simple clearly defined messaging. Commercialisation of the intellectual property has a role to play in creating an identifiable brand.

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The goal is to sell a particular brand to the targeted customers while at the same time concentrating on their overall satisfaction and experience. When the strategy is adopted, the marketers should make sure that there is a link between each of the channels used and also the system is mindful of the customer. The systems should understand what the clients are consuming and how they are responding to the company’s product, for example on Facebook. The context in which a message is based will have helped the strategy achieve a lot since consistency may at times appear boring. The strategy may adopt different contextual implementation in each of the medium used in order to reach out to a number of the customers.
The issue of the interaction in the marketing strategy being able to provide dynamic sense can not be stressed further. It is that important and the system employed must be able to work tirelessly to keep the customer satisfied and inspire them to buy the brand.

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